What Makes Thai Yoga Massage So Amazing

There is no one size fits all massage that works for everybody or every…body. (See what we did there?) Depending on your lifestyle or job, your body develops unique stresses, knots, and tension. That’s why here at Restorative Bodywork, we sit down with everyone we meet and create a customized wellness plan that is designed to meet the unique needs of your body and reduce pain & tension in your life.

Thai Yoga Massage, or Thai Massage, is a unique style of massage therapy that may be a bit different than what most folks think of when they think of getting a massage. It is performed on the massage table while the client stays fully clothed. Imagine doing a full yoga routine while getting a massage and having to do none of the hard work or balancing!

Let’s dive in and see WHAT Thai massage is, WHO it is for, and HOW it benefits your body.

What Is Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai Yoga Massage is a centuries old form of massage that involves the use of stretching, acupressure, energy lines, and traditional massage techniques.

This dynamic form of massage can be done on the floor, but in our office, it is practiced on the table.

This variation of massage uses no oils or lotions and you’ll remain fully clothed during the session.

The mixture of compression, stretches, and pulls allows the muscles to get a deep stretch and open up joints while alleviating tension and unblocking adhesions in the body.


Who Should Use Thai

Thai massage is a fantastic option for many people. Below we have listed a few examples of folks who may really enjoy a Thai style massage.

  • Those who have high muscle tension from sports activities
  • People who need a massage but may feel uncomfortable taking off their clothes
  • Fibromyalgia patients who are sensitive to touch or deep pressure
  • Folks looking to increase range of motion in their arms or legs  
  • Anyone who loves a deep stretch but hates the work it takes (Thai massage has also been called the lazy man’s yoga)


Benefits To The Body

As with many massage therapy techniques, Thai is a fantastic way to counteract chronic pain. The deep stretching of the muscles reduces inflammation and has been shown to reduce up to 80% of pain within one treatment, as noted on PubMed. Thai Massage can also be used to treat knee pain, headaches, back pain, and shoulder pain.

Stress reduction is another key benefit of Thai Yoga Massage. Stress can have psychological and physical effects on our daily lives so it is highly important to put practices in our daily lives to reduce that stress. Thai has been scientifically shown to bring down the levels of stress within our bodies. Think of it this way, if your body only knows stress, that’s the only way it knows how to react to the world around it. If you train your body on what it feels like to be calm and relaxed, it now has an alternate method of dealing with the world around it.

Thai massage is a fantastic way to unwind from the stresses of life and can be a great benefit to many people. If you would like to experience the best Thai Massage York has to offer, click below to book a session today!

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