Our Commitment To Cleanliness

March 16th, 6:00 pm EST. 

We want to keep you informed of Restorative Bodywork’s commitment to you and how we are handling the latest news surrounding COVID-19 and the state business closure recommendations. 

Your health and well-being is our top priority so we wanted to let you know that we are taking extra steps to ensure the safety of our clients as well as our therapists. Following the guidance and recommendations set forth by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and Pennsylvania’s Department of Health we have implemented additional sanitization procedures within our office. We have listed our entire cleaning protocol for your review below. 

At this time we are confident that it is safe to remain open and will continue providing massage therapy services to our community to help maintain calm mindsets and healthy lifestyles through this overly cautious and stressful time. In choosing to do this we have increased our already high standards of cleaning and continue to use universal precautions as well as additional sanitization and disinfection procedures between every client.  

Our Sanitization Protocol After Every Client

Wipe down what was touched with sanitizer wipes:

  1. Checkout counter
  2. Pen on counter
  3. IPAD touch screen
  4. Font door knob
  5. Bathroom door knobs
  6. Faucet handles
  7. Toilet handle
  8. Keyboard on main computer
  9. Mouse for main computer
  10. Telephone
  11. Refrigerator door
  12. Microwave handle
  13. Kitchen cabinet handle
  14. Treatment room door knob
  15. Handle to hot towel warmer
  16. Hot stone lid
  17. Bolster
  18. Arm rest
  19. Jojoba pump
  20. Clasp to jojoba holster
  21. Fan knob
  22. Music plug
  23. Light switch
  24. Washer and dryer buttons
  25. Laundry soap handles

Disinfect the air

  1. Using the lysol air disinfectant spray
    1. Treatment room
    2. Waiting room
    3. Sauna space
    4. Checkout area
    5. Restroom
    6. Laundry Room curtains
    7. Ionize sauna after EVERY use
  2. Run our PlasmaWave 4-stage, level 4 HEPA filtration unit in the main space.

*And anything else that may have been touched or sneezed/coughed on*

There is a full 30 mintues between each client to allow for this cleaning and reduce the interaction time between clients.  

We do ask that if you have ANY symptoms of the virus such as fever, coughing, or shortness of breath that you please reschedule your appointment and contact your doctor.

We will continue to monitor the recommendations of all healthcare facilities and will keep you informed of any changes we may make to our daily schedule. Until we speak again, stay healthy! Here are some tips on how to do just that:

*Increase vitamin C and/or elderberry intake to give your immune system a boost

* Wash your hands frequently with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds

* Stay away from other who are sick 

* Avoid touching your face

* Cover your own coughs or sneezes


If you have any questions, please reach out:
Phone: (717) 244-2494 
Email: [email protected]

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