3 Simple Ways To Get Your Boss To Pay For Your Massage

The only thing that can make a massage feel any better is when someone picks up the tab for you.

So why not have that someone be your boss?

The facts are, employees that are relaxed are more productive and miss less work due to stress-related illness. Emma Robertson Blackmore, Ph.D. of The American Journal of Public Health wrote: ”[Stress related] Depression in the workplace is a major public health problem that requires intervention yet remains under-recognized and under-treated.” That’s why top companies like Google have been hiring on staff massage therapists for over 10 years.

Today we will give you a few cards to play next time you’re in the office chatting up your boss or HR rep. that may end up with them paying for your next massage! Because, hey, it’s a win-win for all parties. The company gets a more productive and balanced employee and you get a massage you didn’t have to pay for.


Employee Appreciation Days

Looking to be the hero of the office? Want the rest of the staff to be singing your praises every time you walk in the door? Then get an on-site employee appreciation day set up at your office!

A lot of companies these days do employee appreciation events. They go out to dinner/lunch, go bowling, or even axe throwing. For close to the same cost as one of these outings you can have a licensed massage therapist show up on-site and offer chair massage to the entire staff.

If you’re looking for an office morale booster than look no further.  On-site events can be great for companies as small as 8 people to ones with 100’s of people.

Birthdays / Work Anniversary / Holiday Gifts

Ice cream cake & Amazon gift cards are nice, but nothing beats a great massage. Dropping hints around the office that you’re a big fan of a great massage is a simple way to guide your peers to the best gift for you without being overbearing.

For those that prefer the direct approach, you can let your boss & co-workers know that we have a simple online gift card portal here.

**Bosses take note, these gift cards are great for incentive plans. You can also pre-purchase online gift cards in bulk and schedule them to deliver on birthdays. This is a great way to knock out all your employee gifts for the year in one sitting.


HSA or FSA / Traditional Health Insurance

Your office may already be covering the cost of your massage and you might not know it! If you have an HSA or FSA plan through your work you can use that money to pay for your massage and all other services like our sauna when you visit our office.

(FSA) = Flexible spending accounts
(HSA) = Health Saving Account

FSA & HSA is like a saving account for your health. The money you have saved in this account can only be used for health purposes. (Not fun trips to Iceland…sorry)

Fun Fact: These funds are added to your account pre-tax. Uncle Sam can’t touch this!

While not as flexible, traditional health care plans may also cover the cost of your massage with the proper recommendation from a healthcare provider.

The insurance world is always changing so be sure to check your plan and talk to one of our therapists if you have questions about what is covered prior to your visit.  

If you find your company plan does not include an HSA, FSA, or general benefits that allow for massage to be covered, throw out the idea to your HR rep next time your company goes through open enrollment.

So there you have it, a few great ways to have your company pick up the tab for your next massage. With the right positioning and a few gentle reminders, you may never have to pay for a massage again.

If you have any questions about setting up an employee appreciation day, gift cards, or how insurance plans work with our services, please feel free to reach out via the info below.

If you have any questions, please reach out:
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