Postpartum Massage For New Moms

The aches, pains, and joys of bringing a new life into this world don’t stop once the baby is born. Often referred to as the “Fourth Trimester,” this period after the baby is born is an important time of mental and physical healing for any mother.  

The act of carrying and birthing a new soul takes the body on a wild journey of expansion and contraction. These extremes can leave any mother feeling out of sorts and in pain. In today’s article we will cover why starting a massage regiment right after childbirth is important, and what the direct benefits are to both mother and child. 

When Can I Start Postnatal Massage?

New mothers can begin receiving postnatal massages directly after child birth. A licensed and trained massage therapist should work directly with the mother to address any specific areas of pain and discomfort. New mothers should provide a list of current medications and known conditions to ensure their therapist can provide the best care. 


What Are The Benefits Postnatal Massage?

Before we dive into the physical ailments postnatal massage can help with, we think it is important to touch on the mental benefits of receiving massage directly after childbirth.  We have all more than likely heard of the “Baby Blues” that can linger with mothers for a few days or even months after childbirth. This is a totally normal reaction to childbirth as the chemicals and hormones in a new mother’s brain have been shaken up; to put it simply. This hormonal storm can cause feelings of depression, sadness, and detachment. 

When you receive a massage it triggers the mind to release more of the happy chemicals in the brain such as Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Dopamine.  By increasing these chemicals in the brain new mothers can work through those baby blues much faster and develop stronger bonds at a faster rate with their newborns. (For a full breakdown on the bonding power of these brian chemicals, see our other article here)  

Besides the mental fatigue, massage will help most new mothers with:

  • Hip and joint pains related to the body’s stress brought on by pregnancy 
  • Reducing risk of blood clots in the days after birth by keeping the blood moving 
  • Relief from the jaw and neck pain that often quickly follows childbirth  
  • Achieve deep relaxation by deploying a wide array of muscle release techniques that aim to help the body unwind after such a tension filled event. 


Where can you get a postnatal massage?

Some hospitals will offer it as part of their maternity services, but not all hospitals offer this highly beneficial style of massage for new mothers. If your hospital does not offer such a service, do your research on your local therapists and be sure to speak directly with a therapist before booking any appointments to be sure they are a qualified & licensed professional.

If you have any questions about postnatal massage or if it is right for you, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

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