I have seen Amanda twice now and am scheduled with her about every 6 weeks. My experience was not just a good massage but a whole relaxing and judgement free experience. You can definitely tell the care and compassion that goes into her work and ethic. She is very knowledgeable and just an all around cool person. I recommend Restorative Bodyworks to everyone I know that is interested!
Cathryn Thompson
A great place to go if your looking for professional and quality services. I have had many massages by Heidi and always leave her table feeling refreshed! She is very educated and passionate about what she does.
Megan Skiles

I have been going to Restorative Bodywork, LLC since the first day Heidi G. opened the business. If you are looking for consistency in the quality of your massage, the enjoyment and relief a professional massage will bring, you need to book an appointment at Restorative Bodywork. Rates are very reasonable which allows me to go every month, something that I so much look forward to and am never ever disappointed!

Ben Masullo

Nice relaxing atmosphere. Heidi is a “top notch” therapist.

Corey Cunningham

I’ve been going to Restorative Bodyworks for about a year now. Heidi does such an amazing job at making you feel comfortable and relaxed. She asks questions regarding what is bothering me at the time, and works out those areas. She has really helped with my back pain. Heidi does such a wonderful job, and I feel so relaxed when I leave. Heidi is an amazing massage therapist, and I recommend her to everyone!

Morgan Carr

As I enter the space at Restorative Bodywork, I immediately feel the peace and tranquility created there. Moving forward, my massage therapist takes the time to greet and listen to my goals and concerns for my bodywork. She thoroughly answers any questions I may have. The massage room is cozy, comfortable and always enhances the experience with soothing scent. Along with massage, I have tried cupping and aromatherapy. All are wonderful.

Finally, and most importantly, Heidi is a wonderful massage therapist, intuitive healer, with amazing energy who makes me feel surrounded in pure love. I anticipate my monthly appointment and would so enjoy being able to schedule weekly!

Cynthia Innerst-Axe

I cannot explain how GRATEFUL I am to have found this amazing place! Y’all have found a forever client in me! I love the relaxing atmosphere and attention to my needs. Highly recommend!!

Laura Patrick

I felt immediately comfortable the moment I walked into Restorative Bodywork. My Massage Therapist, Amanda Silcox, greeted me with a friendly smile. When we entered the room she explained what I needed to do and what to expect. The massage table was very comfortable, and the heated blanket was a nice touch. I trust Amanda to work out my kinks and get me back to training quickly. She does not disappoint. I have found her massages to be so beneficial, that I plan to finally get myself on a schedule as opposed to waiting until I’m all messed up to give her a call. Worth every dollar!

Amber Lentz

I’m by no means an expert, but I’ve gotten massages and facials at quite a few places, both in town and abroad. Amanda was by far the best therapist I’ve ever had. She knew exactly how to have me leaving on cloud nine. Her manner was polite and professional, and the amount of pressure she put on my problem areas was perfect. I highly recommend both Amanda and the Sinus Relief Facial!

Mere H.

If you are in need of a real massage that heals and actually helps, look no further…book your appointment here! Amanda is incredible! I would travel hours just to have her treat me. I have had 2 spinal surgeries and she knows exactly how to help my chronic neck and shoulder pain. Words can’t express how thankful I am to have found her!

Kelly Giuditta

I would highly recommend Heidi. She has a wonderful sense of how to locate problems with a body and skilled methods on ‘healing’ those problems. She is very professional and knowledgeable

Donna C.

I’ve been enjoying massages with Heidi G for several months now. She listens to her clients and is responsive to your needs; her touch is good, and her technique solid. I’ve recommended her to several people and everyone who has followed up with her has been as pleased as I am.

Pat Dumas

My experience with Heidi was one of safety and total relaxation. Her professionalism clearly created a wonderful setting for my massage. Her knowledge of the muscles and body was evident and her touch was very healing. I appreciated her unique style of body work, which was perfect for my body type. I am looking forward to another session soon.

Sharon Bibb

Heidi done a very nice job it was a relaxing experience and can’t wait for my follow up appointment

Damian W.

Heidi is very calm and patient. I was flustered a little because I was late for my first sesson. She brought me out some hot tea and asked some get to know you questions and the massage was so relaxing. I calmed down before I even got on the table. Great experience. I made an appointment for my husband and will be making one for my daughter.
Thanks Heidi

Carla McCarthy

What I love most about being Heidi’s client is her flexibility and care. I work third shift, and my job is 2 miles from her office. She works with my schedule, which is something I have never experienced.

She also had a wide range of abilities for massages. Typically I get either a sports or deep tissue massage, and after becoming pregnant with my first child, I was still able to continue receiving massages from her because she knew how to give a prenatal massage.

She’s very attentive to your needs and remembers all of her clients and their needs, and listens to you and focuses on what you need. 

She is very passionate about her work and is extremely professional. Her work site is a little tricky to get to, if you aren’t familiar with the road… but it’s a nice facility/center that offers a wide range of other holistic services too. 

I would highly recommend Heidi to people interested in getting massage.

Justine H.

Great massage! I discovered this business on Groupon & couldn’t have been happier. This little gem was super close to my house. They have a relaxing, comfortable environment and were very friendly!

Lynsey Huyett

Heidi, at Restorative, has been my therapist for 2.5 years now. She is dedicated, educated, and shows compassion and care every time I see her. I’ve been to many establishments, and found Restorative to be THE best, hands down. Clean, friendly, and accommodating.

Allie K

I receive Thai Table bodywork from Heidi and it is excellent! I feel much more grounded, relaxed and “taller” with each session.

Coral Still-Glosser, LMT

Heidi is hands down the best massage therapist I have ever gone to… and I tried quite a few before finding her. Not only does she give the best massages, she is friendly, and always willing to give me extra tips on how to ease my pain. She is very knowledgeable and I always leave feeling so much better! I love her massages so much that I have gifted all my family members with them as well! I would highly recommend Restorative Bodyworks!

Madison Carr

I see Amanda once a month and I have always left refreshed and relaxed. I have a very physical job and even my hobbies are pretty demanding so I absolutely love my recovery time here. I wouldn’t go anywhere else at this point. Shes always been pretty flexible with scheduling and quick to respond to any of my messages when things arise, too. Definitely the place to go if you’re even remotely local.

Louis Neth

Love to see Amanda monthly!!!

Jackie Ryer

You Rock!!! Congratulations on your beautiful new space!!!

Hilary Adams

Amanda is an amazingly talented therapist!

Kelly Giuditta

[Amanda is] Easy to work with, convenient to schedule and excellent results.

Dan H.

Happy to spread the word – it was great!

Elizabeth Holm

Wonderful 1 hour vaca from life and all it’s stressors. Left there feeling wonderful. thank you!!

Steph O.

I have had several massages over the years but no one made me feel as relaxed as Heidi. I have fibromyalgia and I have not felt as this good in years. She had a large selection of oils and recommended one for easing my muscle pain. I can say she really knows her stuff! She also added eucalyptus oil to my face pillow which kept my sinuses open. I can not say enough good about her! I am addicted!! 🙂

Wanda Baublitz

Heidi offers a great selection of health and healing services. I’ve had massage, Reiki, and ear candling with wonderful results. She is truly intuitive. I appreciate her so much!!!!

Susan Korsnick

I have seen Heidi multiple times for bodywork. She is an incredible therapist and very intuitive to the needs of her clients. I won’t see anyone else!

Laurel Diehl

Heidi listens to her clients to work the body areas that need the benefit of massage. She makes suggestions on what to do between massages for a client quality of everyday life.

Sharon G.

My husband came across Heidi one day when I was 40 weeks and a few days pregnant. I was literally on edge…stressed and emotional. We booked a prenatal massage for that day and it was the best thing that could have happened at that time. Heidi was understanding and did everything she could to make me comfortable, while also being mindful of the safety of my baby. For the first time in weeks, I was able to relax and fall asleep! Because she was so great, I went back for a regular massage post-partum. Again, she was able to help me relax, relieve tension in my back and target areas that had been neglected. Both my husband and I run to Heidi now for our massage/relaxation needs. I highly recommend her.

Thaisa J.

Had an hourlong reflexology session with Heidi.  It was extremely relaxing and restorative.  She attends to your comfort, asks questions about preferences that will help you to get the very best out of the experience.  Would highly recommend and will visit her again for sure.

Ana T.

Heidi has been working with me for the past year and I couldn’t ask for a better massage therapist! She truly listens to your needs which is the most important thing to me, and with my line of work my problem areas change each time it seems. The facility is very neat and clean and above all, it’s a very relaxing and positive atmosphere. Highly recommend to everyone and anyone!

Morgan K.

Every visit we discuss any concerns I have and any areas that need more focus. AND, they listen. I always feel great after a session. Many choices, something for everyone.

Kate Galer

I love Restorative Bodywork! I’ve been getting massages for about 21 years now and when I met Heidi Glunt I felt the best that I’ve ever felt after a massage in those 21 years. When the massage was done I knew that I had found my massage therapist. Heidi is knowledgeable, professional, and caring. Restorative Bodywork in Dallastown is in a good location and does it’s business out of a beautiful and tranquil office that also houses a light therapy sauna!! I would recommend her a thousand times over.


I highly recommend Amanda! My husband and I both get regular massages from her and she really has helped us feel better. She listens to the issues we are having and offers ways to improve those issues.

Melanie Everhart

Comforting, calming, I left feeling 100% better!

Emily Kelkis

I have been here several times for a massage with Amanda. She is respectful, accommodating, and great at her work. The prices here seem to be average for the area. The space is small but calming and comforting. I continue to go here whenever possible.

Nikole Boston

Heidi is amazing, she is an excellent massage therapist and performs gua sha on me as well. This method reduced pain from a herniated lumbar disc. I believe she is part of why I was able to heal without any medications or back injections.

Tammy Newcomer

Great deep tissue massage!

Maury Hurwitz

The sheets and floors and bathroom are very clean and pleasant. The therapist is very helpful and thorough. I love the online appt. capability.

Theresa M.

Restorative Bodyworks is great! Very professional and polite. Highly recommend!

Jessica D.

Amanda did a great job. My message was absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend her!


Heidi is my fourth massage therapist in ten years and I plan to stay with her as long as she practices. Heidi has eased my aches and pains for over a year. She must feel the knots that creep up on me and works on them until they release. I am 84 and know how quickly I can lose mobility in my shoulders and arms if I didn’t have Heidi’s help. My wife urged me to start in getting a massage when my shoulder froze. This is one of those times I suggest you men listen to your wives.

Joseph B.

Heidi is very intuitive, I didn’t even know what I needed the most work on but she certainly figured it out. I am very pleased. It was very nice for the massage to last the full hour even though I was a bit late to the appointment, great customer service.

Alexandra B.

Heidi has an amazing touch and offers a holistic approach to achieving and maintaining physical and mental wellness. I can honestly say after receiving many massages that she is the best I have ever come across and her willingness to educate and administer other alternative healing practices sets her apart from many other massage therapists. She is a superb individual who highly values her client’s wellbeing and will work to accommodate anyone’s situation and needs. I can’t speak highly enough of her and hope you will check her out!

Colby L.

Heidi is such a skilled massage therapist. I have seen her for bodywork and massage for years – everything from injury recovery to relaxation and thai massage. Visits with her are truly restorative, and she always shares a wealth of holistic health knowledge.

Laura Palumbo

Amazing massage from this wonderful lady. She gets out all my knots and does it in such a way that I frequently drift right off to sleep.

Jeanie GS

Best massage you will ever get! Heidi G. is a Master of her Art. Whether you need a deep tissue massage for therapy or if you just want to relax and enjoy her deliberate touch, you will not be disappointed. Heidi takes the time before every massage to review any changes to your health and wellbeing and to see what you are looking for that day. She creates an environment that allows you to feel at ease so you can relax and enjoy the experience. To top it all off, you will not find a person more outgoing and caring than Heidi. Restorative Bodywork and Heidi are the best!

Benjamin M.

Thank you Heidi for the awesome massage!

Jessica Dunkle

What I love most about being Heidi’s client is her flexibility and care. I work third shift, and my job is 2 miles from her office. She works with my schedule, which is something I have never experienced.

She also had a wide range of abilities for massages. Typically I get either a sports or deep tissue massage, and after becoming pregnant with my first child, I was still able to continue receiving massages from her because she knew how to give a prenatal massage.

She’s very attentive to your needs and remembers all of her clients and their needs, and listens to you and focuses on what you need.

She is very passionate about her work and is extremely professional. Her work site is a little tricky to get to, if you aren’t familiar with the road… but it’s a nice facility/center that offers a wide range of other holistic services too.

I would highly recommend Heidi to people interested in getting massage.

Justine Hallgren

Christmas present that I hope repeats this year. So great I’m not waiting for December. Fabulous !

Jane David

Restorative Bodywork has the best massage therapists I have ever had. Heidi’s Tai-Yoga massages stretch eveything to the max. Amanda’s deep tissue & stone tools take care of all ailments.

Arlene Silcox

Heidi is a truly gifted massage therapist. She finds the problem areas that need special attention without my having to tell her where they are, and knows exactly how much pressure is needed to bring about healing. The atmosphere at Restorative is peaceful, relaxing and clean. It’s very easy to get comfortable and enjoy my massage. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Chrissie Kinard

Wonderful massage. 5 ⭐️ Worthy. I filled out my health history and Heidi actually reviewed it! We discussed my trouble spots and she listened and preformed on my areas on concern. I had a massage at the Hershey spa earlier this year, 2 months later had a massage by Heidi and they were 2 totally different experiences. I left restorative bodywork feeling relief. I cannot wait to go back again! Only downfall is where the parking is. I drove around the block 2x before I figured out you drive down the ally and park in back of the building

Heather Hutson

Had my first massage here last month [with Amanda] and loved it! Very relaxing. I am already trying to figure out the next day I can go again.

Rachel Cabrera

Nice little place you wouldn’t know is there.

Garrett Schoonover

Loved my therapist. She was very thorough.

Donna S.

Heidi and her therapists are amazing, best massages I’ve ever had, hands down!

David Puglisi

Heidi is so amazing!  Not only is she a fantastic massage therapist, but she has such a healing presence and is very centered!  I appreciate knowing that a massage therapist is fully present with me during a session.  Heidi does great detail work and is always learning new things.  Thank you so much for all your do Heidi!  I appreciate you tremendously!

Kara S.

Simply Fantastic. Heidi is highly talented and utilizes both knowledge and skill to make my back pain disappear every time. Customer for life.

Tanner S.

I look forward to my massages with Heidi – she does an amazing job of working out the incredibly tight knots in my shoulders and upper back. It is such a relaxing and reinvigorating experience. I highly recommend her!

Bobbi Billman

Heidi G is AMAZING!!!!! I found her on Yelp. She is the very first person I have utilized for massage therapy who actually had me leave pain free; I could not believe it. I have used many therapists with my chronic upper back pain and Heidi-hands down-has been the best. She has many methods she uses to make your experience as best as she can. She always runs on time and greets you with a smile. Although I will be relocating soon-I am going to make the drive to continue seeing her. She is hands-down the best I found in the York area who has been consistent with each visit. I highly recommend her. I have used her for 90 minute massages since October 2016, and so has my husband and we will continue to use her. You will not be disappointed with a visit to this lady! Trust me 🙂

Drea H.

I just had a Thai table massage with Heidi and it was fantastic! It was quite a workout as she traced meridian lines and found so many tight muscles and was able to stretch them out. The work was all passive so I just relaxed on the table while she twisted me into all kinds of positions! It has really loosened up my hips, made my upper back and neck more flexible too. 

One thing I would suggest is to wear yoga type pants and a tee shirt. I wore jeans and feel like I would have derived even more benefit in more flexible pants. My bad! It was a great first time experience and I look forward to my next appointment!

Coral S.

Heidi gave me a great deep tissue massage, and I feel like a new man.

Maury Hurwitz

Heidi is absolutely wonderdul. As is with a lot of us, I have a stressful job and I look forward to my time with Heidi. Her massages allow me to decompress from a stressful day. Thanks Heidi and keep up the great work! 

Loria Kain