Services & Pricing

Massage Therapy


$50 per 30 minutes | $85 per 60 minutes | $120 per 90 minutes

A relaxation massage offers a light to moderate pressure during this relaxing experience. Helping to increase circulation and decrease tension, this style is particularly beneficial for stress related issues as well as persons sensitive to touch and those seeking a meditative space. Other benefits you may notice from this type of bodywork include decreased stress levels, improved sleep, and enhanced mental clarity.

Hot Stone Massage

$60 per 30 minutes | $95 per 60 minutes | $130 per 90 minutes

Hot Stones are a great way to release tight muscles and feel “warm to the bone”. This massage is similar to the relaxation massage but with the added benefit of warm stones to melt away your tension and encourage muscular knots to release. Since this is a full body treatment the stones will require 2 hours to heat up to the proper temperature therefore prior notice is necessary. The heat is deeply relaxing winter, spring, or summer!


$50 per 30 minutes | $85 per 60 minutes | $120 per 90 minutes

Specifically designed for pregnant women this is a gentle massage with focus on decreasing the aches and pains associated with your pregnancy. Allowing and encouraging yourself to find inner peace during this time of body and hormonal change will assist in an healthy labor. You will be laying on your side with pillows used to support and align the body so maximum comfort is obtained. Regular prenatal massages throughout your pregnancy can lower the discomfort during labor and improve the newborn’s overall health. Your massage therapist is specially trained in pregnancy massage and will discuss any additional questions or concerns you may have prior to beginning the session.

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Integrative Massage

$50 per 30 minutes | $85 per 60 minutes | $120 per 90 minutes

During an integrative massage session the therapist does specific focused work on either an acute or chronic issue while blending together several modalities such as medical massage, cupping, hot stones, and range of motion techniques. This session can be light, moderate, or firm pressured depending on the nature of your concern.

Thai Yoga

$50 per 30 minutes | $85 per 60 minutes | $120 per 90 minutes

Thai yoga massage is an ancient healing technique and art that combines reflexology, assisted yoga-like stretches and acupressure therefore you can wear your most comfortable clothing during the treatment. It helps relieve muscular tension, improve flexibility, and increase range of motion by utilizing rhythmic palming and stretching to open the joints, relax the muscles, and lengthen tendons in a gentle and natural way. Increased body awareness is another benefit that will encourage proper body posture and alignment. Thai Yoga Massage can aid in freeing blockages in your energetic flow by stimulating the nervous system; as a result clients report feeling more energized both physically and mentally.

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Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna Sessions

$20 per 15 minutes | $35 per 30 minutes

An infrared sauna is unique because it uses heat and light to create a warmth that is deeply relaxing and detoxifying. This warmth heats your body’s cells directly rather than heating the room up around you like a traditional sauna. This makes for a more comfortable sauna experience with a less intense feeling heat.

Benefits Include

– Promotes Repair and Regrowth of Cells and Tissue (cellular regeneration)
– Anti-Aging
– Improves Endurance and Cognitive Function
– Detoxification of Organs
– Reduces Inflammation for Joint and Muscular Relief
– Skin Rejuvenation
– Stimulates Collagen Production which can Reduce appearance of Cellulite
– Relaxes Nervous System to Eliminate Stress
– Boosts Cellular Metabolism making more energy available to body systems
– Activates Parasympathetic System (rest & digest); promotes Good Sleep
– Detox from Lyme Disease treatments (click for full article)

Specialty Services

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

$50 per 30 minutes | $85 per 60 minutes | $120 per 90 minutes

This technique is very gentle and uses a rocking motion to encourage your body’s fluid to move toward your lymph nodes where it can be processed and eliminated naturally through the body. This is beneficial for pre and post-operation, during recovery from an injury, general inflammation, or when your immune system needs a boost. A great way to help your body function at it’s best.

Aromatherapy Massage

$60 per 30 minutes | $95 per 60 minutes | $130 per 90 minutes

There are many essential oil companies out there but rest assured that we use only reputable companies that source the oils sustainably minimizing the impact on our planet. These oils are therapeutic grade and blended properly with organic jojoba oil by your therapist prior to beginning the massage.

Full Body Cupping

$50 per 30 minutes | $85 per 60 minutes | $120 per 90 minutes

A myofascial technique that uses medical grade silicone cups to create suction on the skin and lift the fascia off the muscle. Using a pulling rather than a pressing technique to tackle sticky fascia this an effective way to increase blood flow and decrease adhesions. Increased blood flow is vital to healing and reducing inflammation. Your therapist will begin with cupping just one area of your body to see how it responds then move onto another area(s) with additional sessions. Once the fascia is broken apart the therapist can then work deeper into the belly of the muscle for lasting relief.


$50 per 30 minutes | $85 per 60 minutes | $120 per 90 minutes

Reiki is a Japanese form of work that is done while you are fully clothed and the therapist’s hands laying gently on or above your body to allow healing to occur on a subtle energetic level. This technique will activate your natural healing processes by creating a deep relaxation, relieving stress, and uplifting your spirit.

Scar Tissue Massage

$50 per 30 minutes | $85 per 60 minutes | $120 per 90 minutes

Combines multiple techniques including myofascial release, hot stones, Gua Sha scraping, cupping, manual lymphatic drainage, and pinning & stretching to break apart the constricted tissue and reduce inflammation and improve mobility to the area. This is beneficial for post-operation, or during recovery from a sports injury.

Add-On Options

Scalp and Sinus Reliever

$40 Add On

A luxurious addition to any session this involves essential oils and small hot stones to open sinus passages and melt stress. Acupressure points on the scalp make a mental retreat easy during this 20 minute add-on.