$10 OFF Cranial Sacral Massage

$10 OFF Cranial Sacral Massage

Cranial Sacral is a gentle technique that focuses on releasing the tissues around the central nervous system. This includes the head, spinal column, sacrum, and the surrounding structures.  Your central nervous system is the information highway of your body. Releasing tension held in this information highway has a positive effect on the other systems of the body. (Imagine it like unblocking traffic on the highway by clearing a wreck)

Much like Thai Yoga massage, this work is done fully clothed.

This month only, we are offering a 60-minute cranial sacral massage for ONLY $65! (That’s $10 off) As always, warm neck wraps, eye pillows, along with water or tea is always complimentary. 

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“Cranial Sacral”

If you have any questions about this special, please reach out:
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