Regina M. Suydam

Services & Prices

Integrative Massage
30-minute $40
60-minute $70
90-minute $105
120-minute $135

Therapeutic Massage-
30-minute $45
60-minute $75
90minute $110
120-minute $145

Aromatherapy or Arnica massage: 50, 80, 115, 145

Manual Lymphatic Drainage:
30-minute $45
60-minute $75

Ear Candling $45

Regina M. Suydam

Licensed Massage Therapist - Licence # MSG011379


I am a Lancaster Country native; proud JPM grad, proud Hempfield parent of three dynamic sons, and a proud two time BSOM York Campus grad!  My passion for Massage Therapy stemmed from my interest in healthcare. 

I started working in long term care while in high school and earned my Certificate as a Nursing Assistant soon after graduation. My CNA was my stepping stone, I wasn’t sure to what until a few years later.  After the birth of my second child, and while still breast feeding, I had strained my neck lossing range of motion.  I didn’t want to take pain medicine or muscle relaxers. I was already sleep deprived and I was breastfeeding my baby. 

I decided to give Massage Therapy a try.  I contacted a family member who is an experienced Massage Therapist.  Not only did she aid in my surprisingly quick healing, she also encouraged me to enroll in the Baltimore School of Massage York Campus.  I earned my Certificate in Massage Therapy and love everything about it.  Later I returned to BSOMYC to meet the Licensing requirements, to refresh, and add to my knowledge of all aspects of massage. I’ve also completed various continuing education classes. Pregnancy Massage, Myofascial Release, and Neuromuscular Therapy are a few favorites. 

I consider client needs when choosing classes, and can use multiple modalities in one treatment as best suits each individual. 

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