Monica Eidemiller

Licensed Massage Therapist # PA MSG012358


My name is Monica Eidemiller. I am a mother of two children and have a teaching background. I have always been interested in helping others grow. Most of my life I was very active. I loved to hike, rollerblade, rock climb, photography, read, learn and cook.  I had a passion for the outdoors and enjoyed people.

Life changed drastically for me in 2011, when I was in a devastating car accident.  After three years of operations and a total of six years of therapy to rebuild my body, I have come, “Full Circle.” On my healing journey I met many wonderful healers and as I healed I learned many modalities which I apply in my massage practice today.

When I added oxygen into my therapy routine I began to heal at a rapid rate.  I take no pain pills, get a deep relaxing night sleep most nights and have energy!  I truly understand “pain and suffering” and would like to help others who suffer. 

Certifications & Continuing Education

November 2018
Lymphatic Drainage
June 2017
Psoas Release
August 2015
Pittsburgh School of Massage
January 2013