Services & Pricing


Relaxation Massage 

$45 per 30 minutes  |  $75 per 60 minutes  |  $110 per 90 minutes
 Swedish massage offers a light to moderate pressure during this relaxing experience. Helping to increase circulation and decrease tension, this style is particularly beneficial for stress related issues as well as the elderly, children and those seeking meditation. Other benefits of this type of bodywork include relief from body aches, decreased stress levels and enhanced mental clarity.

Therapeutic Massage

$75 per 60 minutes  |  $110 per 90 minutes
A therapeutic session has increased pressure and incorporates techniques from deep tissue, myofacsical release, and trigger point therapy. Good communication between therapist and client is key during these sessions to maintain a healing, not painful, experience. This modality is especially beneficial for those who workout consistently and those dealing with chronic pain. 


Thai Table Massage 

$110 per 90 minutes
Thai table massage is an ancient healing technique and art that combines reflexology, assisted yoga-like stretches and acupressure. This will help to relieve muscle tension, improve flexibility, and increase range of motion. This style of massage is done with the client fully-clothed utilizing rhythmic palming and stretching to open the joints, relax the muscles, and stretch the tendons in a gentle and natural way. Increased body awareness is another benefit that will improve body posture and alignment. Thai Table Massage also frees blockages in the body’s energy flow and stimulates the nervous system; as a result clients report feeling more energized both physically and mentally.


Prenatal Massage

$75 per 60 minutes
As it sounds, this massage is specifically designed for pregnant women. The client will be laying on their side with pillows used to support and align the body so that the maximum comfort is obtained. This is a gentler touch massage with focus on calming the nervous system and allowing the client to find inner peace during this time of body and hormonal change. Regular prenatal massages throughout a pregnancy is proven to lower the discomfort during labor and improve the newborn's overall health. 


On-Site Chair Massage

 $75 per 60 minutes (2 hour minimum)
Chair massage is a popular way of relieving stress and releasing tension right in your home or workplace. You will receive your massage in a specialized ergonomic chair which I will bring to your location. In addition to the usual health benefits of massage, another benefit of chair massage is that it is done over the clothing so you can avoid the discomfort that you may feel when disrobing for a traditional massage. Also, chair massage sessions are typically shorter than traditional massage making it convenient to fit into your busy schedule. At home wellness party packages are also available and can be tailored to fit your requests. 



$35 per 30 minutes  |  $60 per 60 minutes
Reiki is a type of work that is done with the client fully clothed and the therapist's hands laying gently on the body to allow healing to occur on subtle level. This healing technique will activate the natural healing processes of the body by creating deep relaxation while relieving stress and uplifting your spirit. 

Chakra Balancing

$35 per 30 minutes  |  $60 per 60 minutes
Chakras are points in the body where energy is concentrated and align with various primary organs. When these are out of balance the body can show physical symptoms of unease. This type of bodywork is done with the client fully clothed and the therapists hands laying gently on the body.



$10 per session
Aromatherapy is simply the use of essential oils. They can be incorporated into your massage by blending the oil or oils of your choice with jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is a plant derived wax that is extremely nourishing to the skin and hair and does not stain clothes that it touches which is why it is my choice for a massage oil. A variety of oils offer an array of ways to enhance your massage. Using only 100% pure therapeutic grade oils will help relax tense muscles, calm an agitated mind, open sinuses and much more. Communicating your needs I will help you decide which oils you could benefit from the most. * This cannot be added to prenatal massages due to the sensitivity of the fetus.

Hot Stones

$15 per session
Hot Stones are a great way to release tight muscles. The stones require 2 hours to heat therefore prior notice is necessary. The heat is deeply relaxing as it melts away tension and encourages muscular tension to release. This can make the session more enjoyable for someone who has difficulty relaxing or someone with numerous knots in their muscles.

Sinus and Scalp Massage

$40 per 20 minutes
A luxurious addition to any session this involves essential oils and small hot stones to open sinus passages and melt stress. 

Ear Candling

$40 for first 2 candles  |   $8 per candle for each additional 
Candling has been done for many years as an alternative way to remove wax from the inner ear. This is a safe and gentle alternative to using q-tips. Specialized candles are made with natural wax and hand rolled for this purpose. This has shown to help relieve ringing ears and sinus congestion but is also good for regular self-care.


Hatha with Heidi

$15 ongoing class fee   |   $75 private class
Hatha is a gentle form of yoga that is acceptable for all ages and flexibility levels. I take a restorative approach therefore the postures are held longer to allow the muscles and their attachment points to fully release. The poses in this one hour class are simple enough for anyone to follow, even if this is your first time trying yoga! During class I will utilize a hands-on teaching technique that allows you to explore each pose safely.
Yoga mats and props are provided for the students. Class cards are available and offer discounts to regular students. Private or semi-private (up to 4 students) are also available and are held at Firefly Hollow Wellness Center or can be bundled into a Wellness Package for an at-home party.